Stock Trading Strategies

Stock Trading Strategies

Stock Trading Strategies

A plan of action designed to achieve an aim or a goal.

What Stock Trading Strategies do you have to achieve your Stock Trading goals.


This website is not about what you should invest in. It is about how to analyse trends in the market and make informed choices. Learn how to use software to analyse trends in Financial markets. Learn types of charts, trends and what types of things cause markets to change.

How to Trade

When I first started out to learn how to trade on the Stock Market there was so much information it was overwhelming. I just wanted to learn the stock market and learn how to trade, maybe I should have just bought the trading for dummies book. There are stock trading courses online, but they all wanted to charge me money or I had to use their unique trading system that cost so much per month. So how do you learn the stock market basics and become a stock trader and start trading. What are the Stock Trading Strategies that you need to get started?

This article is just an intro and the topics covered will be presented in more detail in other articles.

It seems that investing in The Stock Market is:

  • Part Gambling
  • Part Guessing
  • Part Research
  • Part History
  • Part Psychology
  • Part Math

The more you research, learn from history, study what others are doing and improve your math skills.

The less gambling and guessing you will be doing.


What skills are useful to be a better trader?

  • Being Analytical
  • The Ability to learn from your mistakes
  • Mathematically minded
  • Having some patience
  • Ability to time travel or know the future!

Of course we are not all going to be great at all of the above items, especially the last one, but seriously we can still learn to be a great trader or at least a better trader.

What is the Stock market?

The stock market is where the buying and selling of stocks or shares of publicly held companies are issued and traded, these stocks are bought and sold by a collection of buyers and sellers. This trading often takes place at Stock Exchanges and offers companies with capital in exchange for giving shareholders a slice of ownership in the company. Trading started more than 300 years ago in Europe and also in Japan with Rice. Early London traders met in coffee houses. Much of the trading is no longer face to face but electronically where computers pair up buyers and sellers.

Shareholders that are investing money make money when stocks are sold for more than they were purchased (capital gains). When companies are profitable some also pay dividends. The higher the dividend yield the more the shareholder makes.